Ukrnafta has fully repaid almost 30 billion UAH of debt to the state

Ukrnafta has repaid its debt to the state in the amount of 28.9 billion UAH. The amount includes debt on VAT, income tax and rent, accrued fines and penalties for monetary liabilities late payment .

The tax debt was repaid within the agreements between Ukrnafta and Naftogaz on natural gas sale. This was reported was reported by the Ukrnafta press service.

According to the agreements, Naftogaz paid Ukrnafta 15.1 billion UAH for 2.061 billion cubic meters of natural gas produced in 2006.

In addition, Ukrnafta received an advance payment of 23.5 billion UAH for the supply of future production natural gas. As a result of the gas sale agreements implementation, Ukrnafta also paid 3.9 billion UAH of current VAT liabilities and 3.3 billion UAH of advance payments for income tax to a special state budget fund.

In the meanwhile, the company noted that a similar decision could have been implemented back in 2016 when the company offered the State Fiscal Service to repay the tax debt at the expense of 2.061 billion cubic meters of natural gas owned by Ukrnafta. However, the Large Taxpayers Office refused such an offer.

Context. The Verkhovna Rada adopted draft laws that will give Ukrnafta an opportunity to repay 30.5 billion UAH of tax debt.

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