New Year—2021: what were the main New Year trees during the years of Ukraine's independence

New Year tree—2021 Photo: UNIAN

New Year tree—2021 Photo: UNIAN

The main New Year tree of the country in 2021 will traditionally be lit in the capital on the evening of December 19 on St. Nicholas Day. The current symbol of the New Year has been shrouded in scandals. The main problem was the "headdress" of the New Year's beauty.

However, some of the New Year trees have witnessed fundamental changes in the life of the country. The Page has made a selection of New Year trees since the independence of Ukraine.

2021 New Year tree


According to the plan, the main New Year tree of Ukraine in 2021 was to be decorated in the style of the "Fairy Forest"—just like the Christmas towns on Kontraktova and Sophia Squares and have a hat on the top. Some Facebook users joked that the capital's New Year tree is decorated with a Sorting Hat from "Harry Potter".

However, many Ukrainians did not appreciate this design choice. Many called this initiative a blasphemy, including because the tree stands in front of a Christian shrine.

In addition, the Orthodox Church representatives noted that the top of the tree should be decorated with a traditional star. Subsequently, the city council heeded the comments and dismantled the hat.

You can watch the broadcast of the New Year tree lighting on the Kyiv City State Administration channel on YouTube.

What were the previous main New Year trees of the country

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